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2024 Beaches Cycling Club Membership

2024 Beaches Cycling Club(BCC) Membership Welcome! The Beaches Cycling Club has been active in the Beaches, Toronto since 2007. We are an Ontario Cycling (OC) affiliated club.  Our focus is to help create great experiences for our members on and off the bike.  Safety is paramount and all new members are provided with a skills session prior to the start of their first ride.  We strive to empower new cyclists to group riding through providing safe & fun rides that challenge us to become better cyclists.

We are primarily road/gravel riders with some mountain bikers & triathletes amongst us. BCC hosts multiple rides per week, organized by ability to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride. We keep group sizes small and intimate enough to get to know people, see them regularly on the bike, learn a thing or two and have a good time together.

Weekday Rides: Tues/Wed/Thurs Mornings

Weekend Rides: Sat/Sun Mornings

We communicate through the Discord App. Our routes are posted on our BCC Strava Club Page & we use Discord to comminicate ride details, social events etc.  Please note that we manually add members to the Discord App. We're quick, but it's not automated or instant, so we ask for your patience.


2024 BCC Membership: $60 + $45 OC Community Membership (June 1st)
Late Season rate $50 + $45 OC Community Membership (starts June 1st - Aug 1st)

Our goal is to build a sense of community around the bike.  We love our coffee stops, pub nights and socials. 

Sign up if you want to join the BCC Family.  We look forward to meeting and riding with you! Cheers,Dan.


Riders are expected to know the basics and how to use their bicycle.  Minimum average speed of 25kph is required.

To comply with the requirements of our Ontario Cycling (OC) membership policy, you must be fully registered as a club member to participate in club rides. We are an adult club (18+). Members must pre-register for club rides. 

  • There is no showing up to the ride start in the hopes of joining a scheduled ride. Only sanctioned club rides are covered by membership (i.e., club rides that are registered and approved by the OC and listed on our BCC Channel on the Discord App.  If you have already purchased a 2024 UCI Race License, 2024 OC Challenge or Compete Membership or have a 2024 OC Community Membership with another OC Club, you are already covered for OC membership.

Our Mission

About BCC

Beaches Cycling Club was founded in 2007 by Daniel along with a group of 5 riders.  At that time, it was a bunch of guys getting together to go for a ride.  One ride, someone suggested we do custom Jerseys for the Club - what a great idea!  Since then, and over the years, the club has grown to have over a hundred regular members.  We attend  scheduled group rides with ranging distances and varying start locations as we love having variety.  Since we are ambassadors of the sport of Cycling, we are mindful of the Highway Traffic Act and use safe practices on all group rides.  At the end of the day, having a safe ride means more rides; not to mention it helps maintain the respect of drivers towards cyclists on the road.

Our club president is Daniel Yang.  Daniel has a deep respect, understanding and a passion for the sport of cycling.  His hard work and pay it forward philosophy inspires others to achieve their goals and experience the progressive nature of the sport.  Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned rider looking to train effectively, BCC rides are sure to challenge and inspire

Ride Experience

Beaches Cycling Club hosts a variety of weekday and weekend rides during the cycling season, which spans from May to October, although many of our members continue riding well into December.

Our weekday rides start at 5:30 AM and cover distances ranging from 40 to 55 km. These rides generally last around 1.5-2 hours, getting our members home before many families wake up. We run official club rides on Tuesdays (Crosstown - an earlier start to catch the sunrise at the Humber), Wednesdays (Hillicious - lots of climbing), and Thursdays (Axe - a fast and fun experience).

On the weekends, our rides begin at 7:00 AM at the start of the season and gradually move to earlier start times - 5:30-6:00 AM - as the season progresses. These excursions venture beyond the city to destinations like Goodwood, Stouffville, Schomberg, and Oakville. Ride distances start at 50-60 km early on and extend to 85 to 100+ km later in the season.

In the winter months, many of us shift indoors and we run regular RGT or Zwift sessions on the weekends to stay connected with our fellow BCCers.

Our active and engaged BCC community thrives beyond the saddle, too. Join our Discord channel to get the scoop on rides, join in cycling discussions, get bike advice, plan social gatherings, and organize impromptu group rides, including gravel and mountain biking outings.

We believe in safe and fun group rides and we’d be thrilled for you to become part of the Beaches Cycling Club family!

"A fantastic club with huge kudos to DY. The rides are well organized with routes available to be downloaded prior to arriving for the ride. All skill levels of riders are accommodated through the various groups and even when there is one "bulk" session like the sunday ride, the group sorts itself out to accommodate a variety of intensities. There is always someone to lend a tube, or a hand when changing flats, or giving you some nutrition because you forgot yours. While safety is the focus of each individual rider, the group certainly provides a safer way to enjoy riding in the great outdoors."

- QB

"Two months ago, I was a bike commuter who rode 20 km a day and knew my hand signals, basic bike safety and that's about it. At my very first group ride I was WAY out of my league but I did my best to keep up and was made to feel welcome by club members at all skill levels. From the first turn Dan was right there beside me giving me tips on gearing, drafting, turning and handling hills. Each week when I come out for the skills portion of the rides I get a chance to practice my technique and learn new tricks to build my confidence and competence within the group. Dan's ability to organize dozens of people and then take the time to lend his experience and wisdom to new riders is amazing. His positive attitude is truly motivating and I've heard him say, "Keep going, Lisa, you can do it!" so often that I'm actually starting to believe him."

- Lisa

"As a novice rider with about 6 months experience, sharing the rides with a team, that supports and coaches each of us and we evolve as riders demonstrates the commitment of each member and their love of the sport. To Dan and Jeff who coached and motivated me on my first two team rides, my thanks and appreciation. I will be a better rider thanks to you."

- Catherine

"This is my first time with the club, and being a rookie with no group ride experience. Before joining the club, never had that thought that there is a lot more to than just riding your bike. Then here comes Dan, introduce me to the club, although I live on the other side of the city, I decided to try the first group ride. Since then just got hooked on it and enjoying it. The camaraderie of the group from Experienced to Novice, is amazing and so is the support from everyone, especially the push up those big hills. I think there is nothing like this group of riders, on every group rides. So glad I stop by at the store, and found BCC through Dan. Cheers to DY!"

- Joe

"Last year was my first time out with the club, and if someone back then had told me where I would be today with cycling, I would have had a good laugh. I am SO glad that I found the BCC, as I couldn't imagine riding with any other group. Never have I met such a warm and welcoming bunch of people who truly care about others, about the sport, and about helping everyone involved to improve and evolve. I look forward to my weekly outings with anticipation and don the BCC colours with pride. Thanks to everyone, especially Dan, for making this such a truly awesome group to ride with!"

- Kerri

The Mantra

Safety . High Level of Care . Inclusivity . Empower New Riders . Be Ambassadors of Cycling .

Strive for Ride consistency of Quality and Enjoyment . HAVE FUN!